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1    Dr. Rolf Lauter, Opening of Exhibition „artscoutone: Ein Ausstellungsparcours in der Stadt Mannheim von der Industriestrasse bis zum Schloss“, Mannheim 2009   2   Dr. Rolf Lauter @ Special Event on „artscoutone“, Theater Oliv, Mannheim 2010    3   Archive Dr. Rolf Lauter, Mannheim 2012   4   Dr. Rolf Lauter @ artlabmannheim 2013    5   Dr. Rolf Lauter in site specific installation by Thomas Neger, „artscoutneo“ @ artlabheidelberg, Alte Tabakfabrik P.J. Landfried, Heidelberg 2011       6   Dr. Rolf Lauter – Interview in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt 1991     7   Dr. Rolf Lauter, Photography: Katarzyna Paruszewska     8   Dr. Rolf Lauter @ Dubai Art Fair 2013     9   Dr. Rolf Lauter, Opening Speech of the Exhibition „The Execution oft he Emperor Maximilian by Eduard Manet“, Museum of Modern Art, New York 2006    10    Dr. Rolf Lauter in his office at MMK – Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt 2000     11    Dr. Rolf Lauter with “Arazzo I Mille Fiumi piu lunghi del Mondo by Alighiero Boetti” at MMK – Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt 2000    12    Dr. Rolf Lauter with Dr. and Mrs. H.W & J. Hector and Dr. Keiper at Alte Bibliothek of Kunsthalle Mannheim 2006     13     Dr. Rolf Lauter & Udo Lindenberg @ Special Event with Udo Lindenberg, Kunsthalle Mannheim 2006    14    Dr. Rolf Lauter, Exhibition Opening Cecily Brown, Kunsthalle Mannheim 2005     15     Dr. Rolf Lauter & Glenn Lowry, Director MoMA – Museum of Modern Art New York 2006      16      Dr. Rolf Lauter & Team at MMK – Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt 1992     17    Dr. Rolf Lauter, Director Kunsthalle Mannheim @ Opening of Exhibition „Picasso – Tradicion y Vanguardia“, with King Juan Carlos and Queen Sophia from Spain, Museo del Prado / Centro Reina Sophia, Madrid 2006